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Roofing Services Sunshine Coast FAQ’s

FAQ's Roof Replacement Specialists Sunshine Coast

Answers to many of your frequently asked questions regarding SR Services Sunshine Coast Roof Replacement and Hail Damage Roof Replacement. Find out more information on our FREE professional roof inspections and quotes, roof replacement process and warranties, roof replacement materials, etc.

Sunshine Coast Metal Roof Replacement
Sunshine Coast Colorbond Roof Replacement

A team member can usually come out and do an inspection and quote within a week of first contact. We can also provide a satellite quote if no inspection is required.

We use the latest satellite technology and is several times sharper than google map images, it allows us to measure with accuracy the area, height, width, and roof pitch of the roof all remotely from our computer.

We offer free professional roof inspections and quotes.

Most standard size roofs take up to 5 business days to complete the entire process.

We allow up to 21 business days to complete the roofing works, however the works is usually completed in a shorter timeframe. This 21 business days allows for unforeseen events such as bad weather and based on the work involved, we aim to have the work done in an efficient and timely manner.

Our aim is to help you have a smooth process as possible.

1. Contact us and arrange a time for a free measure and quote.
2. Our friendly staff will attend the site and inspect the roof. A quote/ report is submitted via email or post.
3. Accept quote.
4. Final site measure.
5. Colours and particulars are finalised.
6. Contract is drawn up and signed.
7. Deposit paid.
8. We organise any building approvals necessary and QBCC home warranty insurance.
9. Materials are ordered.
10. A start date is scheduled (weather dependant) and proposed schedule of work.
11. Materials delivered to site.
12. Safety rail may need to be installed depending on the height and angles of your home.
13. Removal of any solar panels/solar hot water by electrical company.
14. Second deposit made.
15. On the day the team will arrive to start your roof replacement.
16. Your old roof will begin to be removed.
17. Materials are laid and fixed down, roof finishing’s are complete.
18. Engineering requirements are completed.
19. All joints are sealed and made watertight.
20. Whirlybirds installed (If applicable).
21. The roof and gutters will be blown off and all rubbish will be removed from the site via our company tip truck with crane.
22. Any rectifications addressed and final inspection by SRS supervisor.
23. Re-installation of any solar panels/solar hot water (If applicable).
24. Safety rail removed (if applicable).
25. All forms required submitted to building approval company on your behalf.
26. Building approval company will inspect the roof and submit a Form 21 to council.
27. Celebrate your new roof!

We have a simple 8 step insurance claim process to help make your claim easier.

1. Our team will inspect your roof.
2. A professional roof inspection report and estimate will be sent to you.
3. Contact your insurer, send them the report to initiate the claim.
4. Your insurance company will likely assess the damage with their own insurance builder.
5. Weigh up your options and request a settlement to choose us as your preferred local contractor.
6. Your insurer will pay out the settlement amount via bank deposit or cheque.
7. Contact us to do your roof replacement.
8. Scope of works contract is drawn up and work is scheduled.

Your insurer will need to be contacted and a claim will need to be processed. The insurance company will usually send out their own assessor to inspect your roof or they will ask for a report.

Once the insurer has assessed the roof, they will let you know the outcome and you will have the decision if they will go ahead and repair the roof or if they will provide you with a cash settlement to choose your own preferred repairer.

To accept the quote, you will need to reply to the quote email advising us you would like to proceed with the quote. Once accepted, we will contact you to arrange colour selection, a site measure, scope of works and scheduling.

Once the quote is accepted, the work will often start within the month. The initial
deposit is 10%, which is due within the first 7 days of accepting the quote. The second
payment for the next 40% is to be paid upon commencement and the final 50% is to be
paid upon completion.

A 6-year 6-month QBCC warranty and a 12-month Sunstate Roofing Services workmanship warranty is provided. Our workmanship warranty begins from the date of completion of the works, this covers any defects that arise from the workmanship in carrying out the service and does not cover any manufacture defects or existing structural damage. The roof must be well maintained throughout this period.

We use only genuine BlueScope Zincalume or Colorbond steel materials so you will have a quality, long lasting roof.

There are 22 Colorbond colours to choose from we allow you the freedom to choose whichever colour you would like. However, if you are unsure our friendly team are always here to help.

BlueScope steel warranties are available for up to 36 years for roofing and 50 years for framing, depending on the product type and location of your build. All warranty periods are conditional on other factors being met as per manufactures specifications.

We do not currently have credit card facilities however you can arrange payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

By choosing Sunstate Roofing Services as your preferred repairer instead of an insurance builder you are choosing a local family-owned roofing company. We handle all co-ordination of the trades for the roofing works and order the materials for delivery to the site.

We have over 18 years experience in the roofing industry and have replaced many roofs for insurance companies and privately. We offer amazing customer communication throughout, a professional and friendly service and operate in an efficient manner with minimal wait time and minimum fuss to you.

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