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Hail Damaged Roof Facts

Hail Storms on the Sunshine Coast

Hail storms are common in Queensland and the Sunshine Coast is no exception. We have helped home owners with hail damaged roof replacements in Woombye, Caloundra, Baringa and other suburbs that have experienced hail storms.

Surrounding areas like Bribie Island have also been severely affected with hail damage to roofs.

There are a number of factors that can cause property and roof damage when it comes to hail storms.

Due to the relatively hard structure of the ice, a hailstorm can cause significant damage to your home. Hail can be particularly damaging to the roof of your home in several ways.

After a hailstorm has passed, it’s important to contact a roofing professional to asses your roof and give you a report – this will assist with your insurance claim.

Hail Damaged Roof Repairs Map
Hail Damage Roof Insurance Process

Hail Damaged Roof repairs and replacements are our specialty. At Sunstate Roofing Services we have years of experience with metal roof replacement and repairs.

Our team of roofing experts will quickly and professionally asses your metal roof for hail damage and then suggest the best solution for you.

We also include a comprehensive roof inspection report that you may forward to your insurance company to assist with your claim.

Experts estimate a marble-size hailstone will reach a falling speed of 32 km/h and tennis ball size hail can reach speeds faster than 160km/h!

Fact: Australian losses from hail storm catastrophes – 2016-2020 totalled over $4.7 Billion dollars! Read More Here

Can small hail cause damage to a roof?

Yes! hail smaller than 2.5cm can cause damage to your roof or to other areas of your home.

After a hailstorm, the size of the hail may indicate the amount of damage to your roof.

There are different sizes of hail, but knowing how they affect your home is a great place to start.

1.9cm Hail

Although this is smaller hail, 1.9cm hail can often be damaging depending on accompanying wind speeds.

Small hail damage is often left unrecognized by property owners.

2.5cm Hail

When we see 2.5cm hail, we will often start to see denting and significant damage to siding, gutters and fascia. Wind speeds will affect the severity of damage.

3.1cm Hail

With only a small increase in size, the damage potential from this size of hail is much more significant.

Parts of your property exposed to this size of hail have the potential to be punctured.

Even without wind, this hail will cause damage simply falling out of the sky.

3.8cm Hail

This size of hail causes significant damage to property. Depending on the amount of hail, duration and wind speed, property damage could be severe.

4.4 – 5cm Hail

Hail of this size can penetrate some parts of a roof, such as plastic/polycarbonate/pvc roofing, skylights and some weaker areas of roofing.

Combined with wind, this size of hail can tear siding completely off of a house, crack windows and damage most types of metal fixtures like Whirlybirds.

5cm Hail

Hail 5cm or larger will cause significant and severe damage to your metal roof.

This changes the question from “if” you have a hail damaged roof, to “where” you have a hail damaged roof.

We highly recommend contacting us so our Hail Damaged Roof Inspection Team can do an inspection and report.

Contact your insurance immediately after this type of storm event and forward them a copy of our Hail Damaged Roof report, this may help with a quicker insurance claim.

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