Roof Replacement

Hail Damage Metal Roof Replacement Caloundra
Hail Damaged Roof Replacement Caloundra
June 23, 2020
Sunshine Coast Whirlybird Installation
December 8, 2020

Roof Replacement Service

Over the years Sunstate Roofing Services have successfully completed many roof replacements for our valued customers across all areas of the Sunshine Coast.

We often get asked about how long a roof will last and when it should be replaced. The actual lifespan of a roof depends on the area you live, what material the roof is made of and how the roof was originally fitted.

Steel roofing can last up to 30-40 years before it needs to be replaced, providing there is no storm or other interim damage.

The most cost effective and efficient roofing material on the market is Colorbond® metal roofing as this metal roofing can last the longest and is easiest to maintain.

Roof Maintenance

Not replacing a roof when necessary can cause serious issues to your home. If the roof is leaking and in need of replacing it can cause damage to the interior of your house. It can also cause long term and extremely costly damages to the structure of the house - in serious cases causing the structure to completely collapse.

Staying on top of maintenance will prolong the life of your roof. Keep anything that is too close to your roof away like trees or plants.

This will help to avoid preventable damage in a storm. Always keep your gutters clear and clean to avoid unnecessary water damage.

Regularly having your roof professionally inspected and cleaned will help to prolong the life of your metal roof, as well as enable us to find any issues quickly before they become a problem.

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