Whirlybird installation

WHIRLYBIRDS work by removing hot stale air from the ceiling cavity helping in the overall cooling of the building, this not only provides added comfort but can also help to reduce power costs for air conditioning and fans.

In winter Whirlybirds remove any moisture laden air, in the ceiling cavity reducing condensation build up and any mould that may form in the ceiling.

Installation of whirlybirds is carried out by our professional team using only the best quality materials and high quality products.

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Ampelair ventilator

Ampelair ventilators exhaust the very hot air trapped in the roof space and lowers inside temperatures. Dampness and condensation are removed.

Bathroom ventilation is improved which prevents damp conditions that cause mould and mildew.

The Spinaway ventilator provides effective natural ventilation of the roof space keeping interiors fresher.

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Covered by a 10 Year Warranty

One Ampelair Spinaway ventilator effectively ventilates the roof space of an average sized home. For larger homes a second ventilator may be required.
  • Light, strong and durable construction. Free flow 300mm throat.
  • Twin bearings with stainless steel balls.
  • Variable pitch base, 0 to 45º.
  • Suits tiled or metal roofs.
  • Provides natural ventilation powered by the wind. No electrical connection or ducting required.
  • Maintenance free operation. Relax and enjoy the benefits of cooler evenings and more comfortable living
  • Available in Colorbond colours to suit your roof.
Whirlybird Colour Range

Whirlybird Colour Range

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